Model Code of Safe Practice Part 15 - Area Classification Code for Installations Handling Flammable Fluids Edition 4

Updates from the 3rd edition include: • Further details on Hazard Radii from liquid pool spills •Hazard Radii for some LNG releases •More detail on the risk based approach methodology and emphasis on the point source approach •Revised equivalent hole sizes for frequency bands (LEVEL I - III) and expanded guidance on ventilation and releases within enclosed areas, based on evidential data from the UK HSE. •Amended, or more detailed, definitions of terms such as adequate ventilation, grades of release and limits of applicability. The revised information provided in EI15 may therefore lead to a reduction in the size of some zone areas, enabling potential cost savings to operators and contractors. Whilst EI15 provides guidance on applying a risk based approach for specifying hazardous areas, the full methodology is outlined in a separate publication; A risk-based approach to hazardous area classification (2nd edition due end 2015). This publication is available online in hard copy or PDF format. ISBN 97808 52937174
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The guidance given in this Code is applicable internationally to installations in processing, distribution, production and retail sectors. It applies dispersion modelling to the calculation of hazard radii, taking into account variables such as pressure of release and the effect of mist or spray formation.


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